Thursday, June 15, 2017

Assignment That I Am the Most Proud of

Who Am I video

The assignment that I am the most proud of is probably my Who Am I video. I really enjoyed creating this video because it is yet another project that I could use to express myself and with that, I could make the viewer feel. I really liked getting to create a them to the video and I think that it ended up working really well. I decided to go with a somewhat nostalgic feel to it while having a beach and summer theme going along with it. I am so proud of how I made this video because I made it so it was not just another slide show. I believe that it was a lot more interesting than that, it meant something to me and I think because of that, it meant something to viewers. This project had a huge impact on my learning by showing me how interested I am in creating videos like this. I found that it is something I might want to keep doing in the future and it also it has inspired me in my other artwork. I also learned that creating a slideshow isn't really enough to intrigue your artist. It works a lot better to have the pictures to have different timings and move along with the song. Also, including videos in them makes it even better to watch.

Most Memorable Experiences

One of my most memorable experiences was making the David Hockney collages. I really enjoyed this project because I liked how much creativity we got to put into it. I thought that it was really cool how we could manipulate the picture to look completely different from what it started out as. For example, my group took our pictures on stairs and in the collage we made the stairs much wider than they actually were and also some didn't line up with each other. I think that this impacted my learning of collaging a lot because before this project I didn't really respect that form of art. Before I thought that making collages was really easy and something you didn't really need to think about. Now, after I have had experience, I understand that it is actually something that can be tricky and you have to think carefully about where you place each piece. One piece could throw off the whole project.

David Hockney Collage
Another very memorable experience I had was creating my photos with quotes. This was my first time using photoshop and I think that it was a great introduction to using the important tool. I learned a lot about how the placement of objects and text in your photographs is very important to how the final product will turn out. I really loved this project and it will stay with me forever. I thought that it was cool getting to find quotes online that mean a lot to me and then incorporate them with my own work to make a product that makes the viewer feel something. I think that from this project one big thing I took away was how art is supposed to make you feel something and that if it doesn't it might not work as well with your audience. I got this thought out of this simple little photoshop assignment because if the viewer can't relate to the chosen quotes and photographs you put together then it just won't please them. With this take away, I put a lot of thought into this project and I will remember these final photos for the rest of my art career.

My favorite photo from the "Photos with Quotes" project.

Reflecting on my goals for the semester

I believe that I did pretty well with meeting my goals for this semester in photo 1. One of my goals was to learn to take photos of objects from a unique perspective. I definitely did that especially in bi-weekly assignments and also in class assignments, for example, the most recent assignment for the pictures of an ants point of view of the world. Another goal that I think that I reached was improving my photography skills. In this class I learned a lot of new things to think about while I take pictures. For example, is there a meaning behind this image? Do the colors work? What is the main focal point? These all have helped improve the quality of my photographs a lot. One thing that I still could work on is portraits. We didn't focus very much on taking pictures of people this semester but I think that there still were probably times that I could have made them fit into the assignments. Another goal that I didn't quite reach was developing my own photography style. After looking at many photographers portfolios I noticed that most have their own sort of style that you can recognize their pictures from. I don't think I've reached that yet but that's okay because I still have a lot of time to get there.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Scavenger Hunt

Randy McKown
David Blevin
My Examples:
NC Fraukje
My Examples:
Jeff Tse

Jana Pijak
My Examples:
An Ants View of The World:
Tully Photography
Alena Stalmashanok
My Examples:
David Peterson
My Examples:
Lucy Shires
David Peterson
My Examples:
Things That Represent Me:

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pinhole Photography

One aspect of pinhole photography is setting up the camera. You have to make sure the camera remains perfectly still during the process of taking the picture. Another aspect is time. You have to time the amount of light the film is exposed to just right or else the picture won't come out well. Figuring out the time can take lots of trial and error. A third aspect is the printing of the photos. To do this you have to go into the dark room and put your film through a cycle of chemicals.

For me, the most exciting part of the process was probably turning the negatives into positives. I really loved the process and thought it was so cool seeing the positive show up on the paper. I also was really intrigued by just how the pinhole camera worked I thought it was really amazing how you could just take a picture by exposing film paper to light and then applying chemicals. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Forced Perspective Photographs

I think that my most successful forced perspective photograph would be the one of me in a bubble. I think this because it is the one that looks the most realistic out of the four. Also, I really like this one because I really like how all of the colors go together. I think that this is a pretty unique idea especially how I put the bubble in front of the picture of me too to create the illusion that I am actually inside of the bubble.

Something that still challenges me in photoshop is doing the cropping of the pictures. I have a hard time getting smooth lines to come out while I'm cropping my pictures. I deal with this by taking my time during the process. Another thing that I have a hard time with is just coming with ideas for my pictures. This challenge is pretty simple to get through though. I do it by going online and looking for inspiration from other artists who do forced perspective.

Monday, May 22, 2017


The sun rises in the morning
reflecting shadows onto my bed side table
the table on which I doodle when I am bored
the one that is covered from all angles in sharpie
the sun takes those drawings and changes them
making them brighter
making them darker
changing its values