Thursday, April 27, 2017


  • To explore Halloween and its connections to “paranormal” and “levitation”;
  • To learn how Levitation is being used in the world of photography;
  • To make connections from levitation to real-world uses;
  • To create levitation photographs inspired by other amateur and professional photographers.

I think that looking at the examples of levitation photography really helped me with creating mine by seeing how other artists composed their pictures. Looking at how the photographers put together the photos to make the subject and the background fit together to give off a realistic vibe what super helpful for me to give me ideas how to pull mine off. I believe that the resources I looked at also helped me by inspiring me to make my photos seem more mysterious. I was looking mostly at examples at first that were a bit on the creepy side but I found great interest in them. For me, I think that Pinterest was a pretty good site to look at for examples because not everyone on there posting their pictures are professional artists so you can look at it and realize that by learning, you can also create great pieces of work.

I am actually pretty proud of my photos and I personally think that there were a lot of successes through the making of these photographs. I think that one of my biggest successes was when I really started to get a handle on what I was doing and coming up with all sorts of ideas on how to pull it off. For example, in one of my photos, originally I wasn’t going to use shadows, (mostly because I thought they were out of my comfort zone) but after looking at the image for a while I realized that with the shadows it will look so much more realistic. I ended up trying it and proving myself wrong, that I did know how to make shadows and I couldn’t have be happier for myself. Something else that I think went well was how I managed to compose the pictures. I think that the subject and how it is positioned really works well with the background and all works together to make the viewer feel one emotion.

Although I am so happy with how my photos came out, there were definitely times that I struggled with this process. I think that one of my biggest challenges was taking the people out of the original photo. I had already made two levitation photos but had to start again because I hadn’t cropped the people out good enough. I am glad this happened, though, because once I did start over I came up with totally different ideas for my images that I like much better. I also struggled a bit using the masking tool but i kept at it and eventually I got good enough to create what I have now. One more thing that I had a hard time with was coming up with what the background of my picture should be. Whether it should be a cloudy sky, or a flowery field, I was at a point where I wasn’t sure what I wanted my picture to look like. The way I got past this was by trying a few different ideas out to figure out which I liked best.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Reflections, Sophia

why are you so pink
so unnaturally colored?
some say it's your diet
but others say thats false

why do you stand on one foot?
how does one skinny leg hold up your whole body?
do you switch legs when one gets tired?

such a curious creature

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Intro to Levitation Photography

Levitation is the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers.

Paranormal is denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

A few things I will need to remember while making my levitation photos are the angle I am taking the photo at, the props I need and how I will position them, how the persons clothing and hair is going to be moving or looking, and I need to pay attention to whether their shadow is in it or not. I need to make sure the angle I take the picture at is at the correct height because for a good levitation shot you want to make the subject look like they are high up. While doing this one must keep in mind that if you take the photo from too low of an angle then the prop that the person is on may cover some of their body. I also need to pay attention to how I position the props and the people so that when I am editing the image it will look like it would be possible if we could fly, so basically paying attention to the shadow and making sure if it is there, I position it correctly. The persons hair and clothes is important too because typically if someone is in the air out side their hair will most likely be moving from a breeze and their clothes would be too.

Lauren Marie Dreamer


Cheng Han

I have a few different ideas for my levitation photography. I really like they type with the model on the ground and it looks like their soul is coming out of them or looking at them. I think that this seems really intriguing because no one really know if anything like ghosts really exist so people wonder what happens to their soul. Making images like that make it look like the ghost idea could be possible and it gives a look to the thought. Another thing I might be interested in doing is the ones that look somewhat mysterious or creepy and make you wonder about what is happening in the picture and ask why the person is floating and how and what they are doing up there.

Monday, April 3, 2017

History of Photography

Something I learned about the history of photography is about camera obscura. I found this really interesting because it's a completely different way of photographing and its just hard to wrap your mind around how one can project the outdoor surroundings onto a wall in a room as a picture. Another thing I found interesting how Robert Capa photographed war but he absolutely despised it. It's really interesting how he can photograph things he is opposed to just because photography is his passion. Something else I thought was really cool is the invention of color photography because of how long it took to finally perfect it and how they are still working to improve it. Lastly, in general I thought that the whole idea of photography is amazing and how they came about inventing it. It's kind of crazy to think of how important cameras are and how different it must have been without them, not being able to capture memories.

These are all so important to our learning of photography because we need to know how it came about and all of the different of styles.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Food, Sophia

Chop the strawberries
Pour the cheerio's into the bowl
Let the milk flow from the bottle into the bowl covering the cereal
Sprinkle the strawberries over the little O's
Taste the delicious taste of strawberries mixed with grain.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Photos with Quotes

To make this image look unified with the quote, I intentionally positioned the first line to go along with the ocean line. I made the other lines of text go straight across to match the sand and give a little variety to make it more interesting to look at. I decided to use a simple font with simple colored text for most of the words. When I got to the word "Sun" I decided that it would be cool to make it stand out to draw attention to the sun and make the quote relate to the image. So I used a fun looking font and used the color of the outside of the sun for the word to make it match the picture.

To make the quote and picture to look unified I played with the positioning of the words. Rather than keeping them in lines of text I decided to split them up and position them so they are descending down the picture. Also I decided to accentuate some of the words by changing their colors and text like the words "never" and "evergreen". I decided that using an elegant font for some of the words would really tie it together with the picture because flowers are thought to be elegant. I also used the colors in the picture for the colors of the text. The red comes from the rose, and the deep green comes from the background.

To make my quote and picture look unified, I decided to also split up the text but not just single words in a line. I split off different phrases of it and put them in separate places. I think that the positioning of the quote really works because of how the quote is framed by the trees and hovers over the mountain. I also thought that I would use a simple color for the text because of the simple color scheme of the picture and so the attention of the viewer isn't only focused on the quote.

I think that the most important things that I learned from this project is pretty much how to use photoshop and make my display aesthetically pleasing. I learned how to navigate through the basic tools of photoshop and how to change text styles and fonts. I also learned from photoshop how to make sure that the colors I used for the text made sense with the picture. I figured out from this project how to make the picture pleasing to view from figuring out what colors go with the picture and what I really want the overall theme of my image to be. I learned how to analyze quotes to decide what the mood of it is and what the speaker is feeling as they say it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I sit at the little café on the corner
and watch the cars drive by.
sipping carefully at my hot coffee
thinking of all I have planned 
for this sunny winter day.
I debate heading out
into the chilly air.
but the little cafe
is so warm and cozy.
I'd much rather stay here.